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  • Donald Trump’s Opportunity


    The controversy over President Obama’s birth certificate and his eligibility for the office has been simmering for three years. It took Donald Trump a mere month to force Obama’s hand and compel him to make the document public. His effectiveness in driving this issue to conclusion has put him among the leading contenders for the GOP nod in 2012. And he did it his way.

    It is now up to Trump to capitalize on this victory and focus his attention on the critical issues our nation faces: A multiplying national debt; a health care system in peril; soaring prices at the pump; turmoil in the Middle East; a nation losing it’s standing in the world. Americans increasingly felt that George Bush was was the villian two years ago because of missteps in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economic meltdown. Under Obama’s direction, Afghanistan is moving in the wrong direction, we’ve lost our leadership in the Middle East, and the economy continues to deteriorate.

    This is Trump’s opportunity. If he can focus his attention and apply his approach to addressing our nation’s ills (he often states our country is in the worst shape it’s ever been) as he did with the birth certificate issue, he can do what no current GOP contender has been able to to: Go on offense and force Obama off of his game.

    Will Trump’s poll numbers get another boost if he redirects the energy he spent on the birther issue towards our debt, energy and foreign policy woes? It’s his opportunity to seize.

  • House Republicans Passed a Credible Budget


    As Congress wraps up their recess this week, the town hall meetings held in the various districts across the country were all but pleasant. The bottom line is that many citizens at these meetings are affected by scare tactics, and the left-leaning media has a lot to do with this. The Democrats are scaring people into thinking change in the entitlement programs like Medicare are aimed at destroying them rather than transforming them from bloated government entitlements to an effective voucher system run by private insurance companies.

    The Ryan Plan smartly avoids any changes for persons that are 55 and older. Those younger than 55 will have, in ten years, better choices and higher quality care that will reduce the federal deficit by billions. Paul Ryan is a very smart man and he anticipated the push back we’re now seeing play out and has provided intelligent responses to citizens’ questions. This is demonstrated in a Kaiser Foundation Survey that finds 54% of those polled support Ryans Plan. A Gallup Poll out this week shows that Paul Ryan’s Plan is polling far better than President Obama’s debt reduction plan in all age groups except those under 25 (who voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008).

    Recommendations by some Members of Congress that a Bipartisan Task Force where Republicans and Democrats can contribute ideas is not a good idea. The Democrats have no alternative plan. As I wrote last week, Obama has no plan to work out a solution to balancing the budget or solving the Medicare crisis.

    That leaves it to the Republicans to continue taking the lead. They have a brilliant plan from Ryan that they were able to pass. This is an excellent start.

  • Obama wants this country to fail


    Over the past weeks we have witnessed contentious partisan fighting between not only Democrats and Republicans — but rather it has been a triangle pitting Democrats, Republicans and President Obama against each other over the budget. Each has taken their corner and I believe Republicans have eeked out the victory, even if it was a disappointment that only $350 million instead of $63 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. I still stand by the Republicans.

    Bob Englehart, Hartford Courant

    Obama attempted to tear down Paul Ryan’s brilliant and well thought-out plan during a news conference — how tacky is that? The obvious was confirmed. Obama does not want to work anything out and appears set to sink this country! That is why we continue to have unemployment at about 10%. We are saddled with a multi-trillion dollar debt that is multiplying by the minute. And gas prices are moving above $4.00 a gallon with no domestic plans to increase oil production while Obama gives Brazil $2 billion to increase their oil production. Obamacare, which must be totally de-funded, is mushrooming out of control. Unelected Czars surround him and are making public policy.

    The latest demonstration of Obama’s willingness to drive this nation off the cliff is a warning from Standard & Poors that their credit outlook for the US debt has worsened and may lead to a downgrade in our credit rating. Obama has brought us to the abyss.

    I now believe that Obama would like to bankrupt this country before 2012. Then he will feel that his job has been done. As frustrating and frightening as it is to see this downward spiral — at least we have the Republican majority in the House voting through good legislation, even if it they don’t clear the Senate and Obama has nothing to veto. The House Republicans are slowing down Obama’s agenda, and this a positive.

    But more danger is on the horizon. The national debt ceiling will likely be raised, we’ll continue to print more money and rack up more debt by the day. We can only hope that our country can hold out until 2012 and that the Republicans run a strong candidate to stand up to Obama and lead a sweep of Congress. At the NRCC event on 3-30-11 Governor Chris Christie challenged every citizen to stand up and to be a patriot to fight to get our country back on track. It’s time to get in the fight.

  • The Twisted Budget


    I am amazed by the press coverage of President Obama’s budget speech at The George Washington University.

    Obama came across as disingenuous as he stumbled and stammered on issues that he appeared to know nothing about. The Daily Caller posted an article regarding the”Fourth Estate’ which alludes to the massive growth of government entitlements. We all know that Medicaid is broke and this is one of the reasons that many states are on the brink of bankruptcy. Obama wants to create a new set of entitlements for all of the uninsured, which I call “The Third Entitlement”.  By creating this third entitlement he wants to cut Medicare and vastly expand Obamacare.

    Obama’s knee-jerk reaction was to blame Rep. Paul Ryan for his well-thought out budget plan that would actually save Medicare, cut Medicaid programs and create block grants at the state level where they can be managed better.

    The bottom line is that the president does not have an understanding of Paul Ryan’s plan. Obama is concerned only about the expansion of government where Ryan is attempting to reign it in.  It is a much different scenario today for the Republicans after Obama’s major 2012 campaign speech yesterday — Speaker John Boehner and the Republican Leadership are saddled with the absolute theme of Obama’s Presidency: Obamacare, a new costly entitlement to expand Medicaid while robbing funds from Medicare and creating the third entitlement to cover the uninsured, illegal immigrants.  What an outrage!

  • Obama won’t stop until America is bankrupt


    Obama was visibly absent and uninvolved during the budget negotiations between Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last week. Today he sauntered over to GWU with multiple agendas in his back pocket.

    First, Obama was going to university campus to deliver his rhetoric.  He has been showing up at a lot of College campuses lately.

    He is on his daily campaign stop for 2012 tore-energize  the youth vote that proved so important to his election in 2008. While  recent polls that show 69% of Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction, Obama has to counter the deal that almost had to shut down the Government last Friday.

    So Obama proposes that he wants to reduce the budget cuts and raise taxes. Just as there was a little light at the end of the tunnel he reverses the progress. He wants to reinstate Medicaid cuts and all of the social drains contained within Obamacare. He truly is taking us on the road to a financial meltdown. Stay tuned for the Republicans response…

  • Will the GOP Hire Trump?


    I have been holding off any mention of Donald Trump as a candidate for the Presidency in 2012.

    It is worth mentioning that I personally believe that a populist such as Trump is just what the country needs. He is straightforward, he has money, he has solutions to our nation’s problems, and he is not afraid to say that the country needs to be fixed and fixed now.

    The Donald

    Trump is showing well in the polls. That is a good thing for him and for Republicans — that is if he runs as a Republican. Now that he has the poll numbers, he knows that enough people like what he says and feel that he would be effective as a leader of the free world. However, he recently made comments that reeks of a demand that he be the GOP nominee in 2012. A nomination is not an entitlement, but rather a process of campaigning, winning primaries, and the convention. He has alluded to the idea that if he is not automatically nominated, he will run as a third party candidate. We have seen spoilers like this before, including Perot in 1992.

    The White House and David Plouffe are having a heyday watching Trump distract public attention from the recent disasters of the failing Obama presidency. According to the White House, Trump is not to be taken seriously (but they hope America will keep taking him seriously for as long as possible).

    Trumps’ own doing it may be his undoing. He needs to make a commitment to the Republican party now and stop toying with ideas of an independent run.

    If Trump decides to run for a third Party, we need to have a serious candidate like Governor Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan to step up to the plate. The Nomination for the GOP in 2012 has to be focused, commited, and powerful to beat Obama — it may be the only chance that we have.

  • The GOP Stood Firm on the Budget


    As the terms of the Budget deal were tossed around last week, many things stood out. First, kudos to the Republicans who stood their ground and hit a home run. Speaker John Boehner was determined to get the budget through even if it meant shutting the government down. He was loyal to the constituents who voted in 87 house members in November demanding our inflated federal government stop spending money at the rate that it had been for the past two years.

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

    President Obama was no where to be found all day Friday as Boehner and a weakened Harry Reid duked it out. It is important to note that the original Democratic budget plan included ZERO budget cuts. Harry Reid bowed to the Republican push and agreed to allow issues surrounding funding for Planned Parenthood and NPR voted on in the Senate. These programs may not get defunded, but we will get our elected officials on the record regarding these non-deserving drains on our budget and the American taxpayer’s wallet.

    While Obama, who’s now focused on 2012, wants to take credit for passing a budget and avoiding a shutdown, the kudos go to the Republicans and Speaker Boehner for driving these cuts home. There’s much more to do, but this is a solid start.

    Congressman Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, is getting the attention he deserves as the only Member of Congress putting together realistic plans to cut federal spending. He is a problem solver and has the facts and numbers to back things up.

    Under his plan, Medicare will stay the same as it is now for those currently 55 and older. For those under the age of 55, Medicare and Social security will change, and for the better. You will still receive Medicare but it will be managed by private insurance companies to reduce the drain on government coffers.

    For Social Security, we may have the opportunity to direct some of your funds in investments just as you manage your portfolio. I believe that both Social Security and Medicare need to be privatized to allow free enterprise to market, sell and create the actuarial tables. This not only would draw out efficiencies via a capitalist model, but if managed correctly it could make money for our economy and not drain it. In my role as a Registered Nurse and owner/operator of a home health care company, I deal with Medicare provisions each and every day. The current Medicare model is broken. These changes are absolutely necessary.

    I believe that Paul Ryan’s plan, even though it may not make it through the Senate, will have a lasting impact on our economy, spending and certainly healthcare. It shows that the recklessness of Obama’s spending and Obamacare will bankrupt our nation and destroy our free market system. Paul Ryan and John Boehner have made great strides in seeing that this doesn’t happen.

  • Rep. Ryan’s Path to Prosperity 2012


    Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has once again vaulted himself into the spotlight by getting real about fixing our nation’s fiscal mess. The chart here displays two choices: The GOP’s fiscally responsible Path to Prosperity or our current path leading us off a fiscal cliff.

    This plan is the first major step towards stopping the insane spending spree our government has been on for the past two years.

    I urge you to read the report yourself. Don’t accept media substitutes or the typical left wing demagoguery.

    Read it here.

    Image Source: The House of Representatives Committee on the Budget

  • The Rounds: The Budget Battle and Health Reform


    As the budget standoff in Washington steers us towards a government shutdown, health reform, and Obamacare in particular, has moved to the center of the debate.

    Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has been featured here before as he has consistently demonstrated he is one of the few Members of Congress who is truly serious about attacking our nation’s fiscal ills. Ryan is making news again with his budget plan that puts repeal of Obamacare front and center.

    In his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Ryan addresses his approach to Medicare:

    The open-ended, blank-check nature of the Medicare subsidy threatens the solvency of this critical program and creates inexcusable levels of waste. This budget takes action where others have ducked.

    While Ryan does not discuss Obamacare in his WSJ piece, his plan clearly targets it. Michael Cannon of CATO states that:

    On Tuesday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., released a budget blueprint that tackles the three big health care challenges facing the federal budget — ObamaCare, Medicare and Medicaid – with a strategy of repeal, vouchers and block grants. Done properly, those steps would simultaneously improve health care and help balance the budget within a decade.

    In other news, the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) regulation details were released and everyone’s pouring over them. These outline how health delivery organizations must comply with Obamacare starting in 2012. It’s the details, and there’s likely many devils contained within.

    Finally, Investors Business Daily calls out AARP, which I just blogged about.

    The tax-exempt seniors group that pushed hard to get ObamaCare passed stands to reap a billion-dollar reward over the next decade as ObamaCare destroys the competition to the products it endorses.

    The long saga of Obamacare continues. Let’s hope it ultimately has a happy ending. One with repeal in it.

  • Planned Parenthood & AARP Feeding at the Public Trough


    Two very large and powerful organizations have come under attack this week. The Republican leadership is seeking to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood under the provisions of the new budget and strip AARP of their non-profit status.

    By Chuck Asay

    Planned Parenthood is a glorified Abortion Clinic that has many times been cited for Under aged abortions. Supporters on the left argue that Planned Parenthood serves a critical function in providing women accessible and affordable breast and gynecological cancer screenings. Many calls were made by a third-party caller to Planned Parenthood to inquire about such services. Repeatedly, Planned Parenthood representatives stated that they do not provide the screenings in their clinics but can prescribe that you can get the tests done at outpatient centers and covered by the patient or insurance companies. Public funding for Planned Parenthood needs to end!

    AARP has long been a left-leaning policy making and lobbying organization. Their huge membership numbers are due to aggressive direct marketing touting memberships that feature discounts for goods and services in return for a nominal annual fee.

    In reality, AARP is a lucrative conduit to sell insurance (supplemental policies for Medicare A) and have been in this business for quite some time. Although they do not have their own “AARP” insurance, they market insurance products provided by third-party companies but offer better rates gained from their marketing access to millions who trust the AARP name.

    While AARP’s not-for-profit status has long been questioned. Now with Obamacare’s passing and implementation, this left-leaning lobbying giant has a huge conflict of interest on their hands. AARP has long outlived its not-for-profit status. Hearings are needed to explore their status and court challenges should be waged to remove their ability to avoid the same taxes similar operations must pay. And AARP should have to pay back taxes on the significant revenue they’ve earned via their lucrative business ventures.

    It’s time we stop allowing organizations like Planned Parenthood from feeding from the public trough. End public funding and non-profit status for these groups now.