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  • Obama targets big donors, weakens healthcare non-profits


    President Obama is determined to establish the federal government as the sole provider for Americans in need.

    A central component of Obama’s recent spate of deficit reduction proposals is a new tax levy on charitable gifts from higher income donors. The rationale is to keep some taxpayers from enjoying more benefits from tax-deducted gifts than other taxpayers. The reality is this is a tax increase that will directly and adversely impact America’s non-profit community.

    Among the organizations directly threatened by this new tax on giving are the thousands of healthcare and hospital foundations that rely on generous donations from those with higher-incomes. These organizations are already struggling in the face of Obamacare’s onerous new regulations.

    What we know now about this new tax on giving:

    • It targets those with higher incomes who make significant donations
    • It doesn’t affect those with higher incomes who don’t give to charity
    • It increases the amount required by higher income individuals to achieve the same impact with charitable gifts.

    Combined with Obamacare, this new tax on giving will only serve to drive more people into the arms of government-run healthcare, which I’m sure suits our President just fine.

    The Daily Caller has this article on the backlash that’s brewing over this new tax on giving.

  • Romneycare is Wrecking the Economy in Massachusetts


    In the GOP Presidential primaries, the issue of health care has loomed larger than most. As the architect for the “prototype” of Obamacare, Mitt Romney has been on the defensive over his responsibility for Romneycare in Massachusetts.

    In place for a number of years now, it’s clear that Romneycare is a failure in terms of cost savings, jobs, and freedoms.

    The Boston Herald highlights a study by Suffolk University’s Beacon Hill Institute, which concluded that Romneycare:

    • cost the Bay State 18,313 jobs;
    • drove up total health insurance costs in Massachusetts by $4.311 billion;
    • slowed the growth of disposable income per person by $376;
    • and reduced investment in Massachusetts by $25.06 million.

    As an example of how Romneycare is affecting everyday life in the state, my good friend and former Massachusetts resident tells me the following:

    In Massachusetts, you must provide proof of health care insurance when you file your state tax return or pay a stiff fine. The more income reported, the stiffer the fine.

    We must stop Obamacare before it’s fully implemented and does to America what Romneycare has done to Massachusetts.

  • The Stimulus to Nowhere: Long on orange cones. Short on jobs.


    Roughly seven minutes into President Obama’s speech to Congress, I had heard all I could tolerate and turned it off. What I heard in those seven minutes was more of the same rhetoric to hype his latest “Stimulus to Nowhere” with a $467 bill to be picked up by taxpayers.

    My breaking point at seven minutes occurred as Obama continued to ramble on about all of the infrastructure jobs that were to be created to fix our roads. That got me reflecting on my summer, which had me on the road quite often driving North to Baltimore and West to Ligonier, PA.

    Stahler, The Columbus Dispatch

    These travels take me through numerous “road construction” projects that boast more “Your Stimulus Dollars at Work” signs and photo-enforced speed traps than actual workers and construction. Were these funded by the 2008 stimulus? Or are they the “shovel-ready” projects Obama touted for his 2009 stimulus?

    Long on orange cones. Short on jobs.

    Apparently, the speed cameras are the only things at work at these construction sites. I got one for going five miles per hour over the speed limit – no doubt while rolling with the traffic. I have friends who have collected up to eight of them. What a boon for state coffers!

    These “camera-ready” projects are merely a scam to help bail out empty state treasuries.

    Obama, having already admitted that those “shovel ready” infrastructure projects weren’t shovel-ready, now asks for another half-trillion dollars for shovel-ready infrastructure projects. This from the man who shoved Obamacare down our throats, nearly bankrupted the country, oversaw an unprecedented credit downgrade and tanked unemployment.

    His “jobs” bill won’t pass and serves as yet another example of his failed leadership. The polls show that America is waking up to this failure.

  • Obama ressurects voter fraud machine for 2012


    Remember ACORN? The “community organizing” group behind widespread voter fraud, among many other abuses? It may now officially be disbanded, but the organization lives on in a number of incarnations.

    Now President Obama’s re-election campaign is resurrecting ACORN’s notorious “Project Vote” as a vehicle to help drive more votes, real or manufactured.

    Use of the Project Vote name by the Obama campaign is “truly astonishing,” Tom Fitton, president of the conservative Judicial Watch good-government group, tells Newsmax. “We knew President Obama was the president from ACORN. And if this isn’t an indication of it, we don’t know what is.”

    The 2012 campaign is going to be hard-fought for sure, and the left is already signaled that they’ll stop at nothing to keep Obama in the White House. We need to fight them at every turn.

    Before the election, we need to repeal his signature issue, Obamacare. This is one message that Americans can send that we won’t stand for Obama’s big government solutions.