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  • Obama kills “financially unsustainable” Obamacare program


    We’ve known since the beginning of Obamacare that it would do the opposite of the stated promise of reigning in skyrocketing health care costs.

    The Obama Administration has pulled the plug on the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports, known as Class, was intended for people with chronic illnesses or severe disabilities.

    Why? The Administration determined that Class was financially unsustainable. Premiums were expected to cover the costs of the program for 75 years. That was about 74 years too much for Obama’s number crunchers.

    Does Obama expect us to believe that this is an outlier and that there are no other components of Obamacare that are financially unsustainable? As Obamacare continues to push costs even higher, we know better.

    The US Supreme Court has yet to determine the constitutionality of Obamacare, but as I’ve said before, we cannot rely on SCOTUS to undo this monstrosity. It must be repealed, and it should be noted that every GOP candidate for 2012 has pledged to do just that.

    Read about the Obama Administration’s decision to end Class here.

  • We need hopeful signs


    Each day brings news that things are not getting better. As American patriots that love our country, we must change the direction of our thinking.

    Not only are we suffering through the most dismal economic situation in more than 50 years, our nation is in the grips of unprecedented corruption and lies. The tactics of US Attorney General Eric Holder, Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner, President Obama and Congressional leaders are unacceptable and must end. Their record of corruption makes Watergate look trivial.

    This is not the hopeful sign we need

    The left-wing youth causing problems across the country appear to be motivated by various liberal groups, unions and ideologues. They will not be arrested or forced to leave even though they are hitting these cities hard in additional expenditures to clean up after them, protect private property, and contain the reprehensible activities happening at these protests. Reports of public defecation, urination and fornication in the streets are widely reported. I do not believe they are an accurate representation of the bright youth that makes up America’s future.

    There are rumors that many of these protesters are from BHO’s very own databases, which explains why he has signaled his support for the protests rather than put an end to them as every former president would have done by now.

    It is time for Americans to visualize a repeal of Obamacare. We must pursue independent investigations of outright documented corruption and prosecute those public officials involved. We must retake the public spaces in our cities from a confused youth running amok with misplaced attacks on our free market system and the liberty it brings.

    And we must support the Republican candidate that is going to get it done. The Obama Administration needs to leave town in 2012.

  • Christie’s Out. It’s Time for the GOP to Rally


    It’s official: Governor Chris Christie has finally made his decision and will not run for the Presidency, choosing to continue as Governor of New Jersey. While we may have been strung along a bit longer than we’d like, at least we can get on with the important job of choosing a GOP candidate for 2012.

    The GOP needs to move towards deciding on a viable candidate that we can get behind and defeat Obama in 2012. We must totally envision defeating the failed policies and lack of leadership of BHO. His failed policies have catapulted America towards a double-dip recession, a tanking stock market, and a pervasive socialist agenda that’s permeating every segment of our economy and psyche.

    Beyond working toward victory in 2012, I call on the leaders of the Republican party to do something to reverse the course Obama has set for our nation. First, we must repeal Obamacare. I have written extensively about how Obamacare is destroying the world’s greatest healthcare system. One of my early posts on the subject, Obamacare: Swindle of a Lifetime still holds true.

    Obamacare was shoved town the throats of the American people by a Congress that didn’t bother to read the bill before passing it. The new law started to reveal itself over the months following its enactment and the American people began to realize how devastating its costs and impact will be. Yet it is just one example of the nanny state that’s growing like a malignant cancer on our liberties and freedoms.

    The GOP now has four serious contenders for the presidential nomination – Romney, Perry, Cain and Gingrich – and it must work to stop the infighting. Any one of the aforementioned candidates would, in my opinion, go a long way towards victory. The GOP cannot simply sit on the sidelines and criticize. It must go on offense in Congress to undo the damage Obama has done while grooming its candidates to take on Obama in 2012.

  • Obamacare Contributing to Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs


    Health care premiums are rising faster than they have since 2005, and Obamacare is a major driver. Touted as a way to get control over the rising costs of healthcare, Obamacare is having the opposite affect.

    Newsmax points to an employer survey conducted by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation that showed that the cost of an average family health policy rose 9% in 2011 to more than $15,000, and a single policy rose 8%.

    Even more striking, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the average American accounts for $7,538 in health care costs, compared to an average of $2,995 for industrial countries.

    Obamacare continues to squeeze what little economic energy America still has. It must be repealed before permanent damage is done.

  • SCOTUS Set to Review Obamacare


    Obamcare, which has faced legal challenges and setbacks since it’s enactment, is now headed to the Supreme Court.

    The Obama administration declined to request that the full U.S. Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit review an August ruling that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. This puts Obamacare on the fast track to the US Supreme Court and sets up an important ruling in the middle of the Presidential campaign season next year.

    While I remain optimistic that the US Supreme Court will strike down Obamacare, we cannot rely solely on them to undo this terrible law. We must continue the effort to repeal and defund it. Until it’s gone, it will continue to create employer uncertainty, damage the economy, and hit Americans with higher costs.