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  • How Bad is Newt?


    A typical blog post from me might be titled “How Bad is Obama”? And I have written quite a lot about our current president in the past. Over the past several weeks, while launching a new business, I have stayed abreast of the GOP race for the White House. Republicans must win the White House in 2012 if our country is going to survive. While all of the contenders have been worthy of watching, I do not believe that Gingrich is the person that can make this happen.

    Newt comes up from the back

    This past May Gingrich “stepped in it” shortly after announcing his candidacy. In an interview with NBC’s David Gregory on Meet The Press, he labeled Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan “right wing social engineering”. By the end of that week the GOP’s self-proclaimed “ideas guy” was barely on the charts. I didn’t think Newt could ever bounce back, and neither did the pundit class.

    Surprise surprise! Here we are in December and Gingrich is the clear front-runner just a couple weeks before the Iowa Caucus. This unlikely resurgence is the result of Mitt Romney’s lackluster complacency, Rick Perry’s brain freezes, and Herman Cain’s personal dalliances (which, I should note, pale in comparison to those in the Oval Office in the late 90’s).

    There can be no doubt that Gingrich is on a roll. The American public is now more convinced than ever that America is going in the wrong direction and Newt is using the right lingo, knows how to maneuver through the political maze, and has the luck of being at the right place at the right time.

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  • New Adventures in Entrepreneurship and a Government Run Amok!


    I have been away from this blog for the past month while I launched a new company — Premier RN Geriatric Care. I am very lucky to have three RN’s that are very experienced in the Geriatric, Elder care, Home health care arenas.

    This is the fourth company that I have started within the past decade, and it has been the most difficult. The business has flowed in very well with this company, and we all feel very fortunate to have the respect and credibility in the Medical-Surgical and Long Term care Communities.

    The difficulties we’ve experienced are in the areas of banking, working with vendors and my conclusion that the government looms over every regulation with insurances, liability, banking and taxes.

    I shudder every time I hear of scenarios close to the encounters I have experienced. Banking is, in one word, impossible. I opened up a business account with one of the largest and well-known banks. I opened my account about two weeks before the official launch date of my company and had urgent calls from the bank manager three times during the first week.

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