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  • Measles Incidents in Virginia


    There have been an unusually high number of measles cases in Virginia within the last month. All clinicians, whether you take care of children or adults, should be aware that there has been four confirmed cases (adult and pediatric) and one additional likely case under investigation. These cases have occurred in multiple regions around the state. The most recent cases occurred in Charlottesville and may have led to the exposure of a significant number of individuals including visitors to the area.

    The cases in Virginia mirror a nationwide trend. As reported in the May 20, MMWR [pdf], during the first 19 weeks of 2011, 118 cases of measles were reported nationwide, the highest number reported for this period since 1996. Primary contributing factors to this trend include increased importation of infections in returning travelers and decreasing rates of measles vaccination among areas of the U.S. population. Clinical providers can reduce this trend by vaccinating all eligible patients (international travelers should be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to travel).