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  • Medicare Services Diminished, Geriatric Care Management Services to the Rescue


    Last week we witnessed that last minute finagling of Congress and the Obama Administration to avoid the much-hyped “fiscal cliff”.

    What does this deal ultimately mean? Congress has simply rearranged our huge national debt, entitlements and taxes at the expense of Medicare benefits to seniors. Make no mistake: Across-the-board Medicare reimbursement reductions will hit physicians, hospitals and home health care agencies.

    Enter the Geriatric Care RN.

    Geriatric Care RN’s are be available to provide a number of services to ensure quality and continuity of care, including Extensive Registered Nurse Assessments, a therapeutic plan of care, safe and comprehensive discharge planning from hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, MD care, Home visits by MD’s, prescription facilitation, finding the least expensive pharmacy to refill your medications, arrange long distance transfer of clients accompanied by an RN.

    In general, Geriatric Care RN’s help local and long-distance families navigate the changes with the new healthcare system to protect and assist loved ones.

    We plan and provide the best individualized care and initial assessments to determine a plan of care and applicable services for seniors and all age groups that want to receive optimum healthcare with the very best outcomes.