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  • The Rounds: The Budget Battle and Health Reform


    As the budget standoff in Washington steers us towards a government shutdown, health reform, and Obamacare in particular, has moved to the center of the debate.

    Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has been featured here before as he has consistently demonstrated he is one of the few Members of Congress who is truly serious about attacking our nation’s fiscal ills. Ryan is making news again with his budget plan that puts repeal of Obamacare front and center.

    In his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Ryan addresses his approach to Medicare:

    The open-ended, blank-check nature of the Medicare subsidy threatens the solvency of this critical program and creates inexcusable levels of waste. This budget takes action where others have ducked.

    While Ryan does not discuss Obamacare in his WSJ piece, his plan clearly targets it. Michael Cannon of CATO states that:

    On Tuesday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., released a budget blueprint that tackles the three big health care challenges facing the federal budget — ObamaCare, Medicare and Medicaid – with a strategy of repeal, vouchers and block grants. Done properly, those steps would simultaneously improve health care and help balance the budget within a decade.

    In other news, the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) regulation details were released and everyone’s pouring over them. These outline how health delivery organizations must comply with Obamacare starting in 2012. It’s the details, and there’s likely many devils contained within.

    Finally, Investors Business Daily calls out AARP, which I just blogged about.

    The tax-exempt seniors group that pushed hard to get ObamaCare passed stands to reap a billion-dollar reward over the next decade as ObamaCare destroys the competition to the products it endorses.

    The long saga of Obamacare continues. Let’s hope it ultimately has a happy ending. One with repeal in it.

  • Planned Parenthood & AARP Feeding at the Public Trough


    Two very large and powerful organizations have come under attack this week. The Republican leadership is seeking to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood under the provisions of the new budget and strip AARP of their non-profit status.

    By Chuck Asay

    Planned Parenthood is a glorified Abortion Clinic that has many times been cited for Under aged abortions. Supporters on the left argue that Planned Parenthood serves a critical function in providing women accessible and affordable breast and gynecological cancer screenings. Many calls were made by a third-party caller to Planned Parenthood to inquire about such services. Repeatedly, Planned Parenthood representatives stated that they do not provide the screenings in their clinics but can prescribe that you can get the tests done at outpatient centers and covered by the patient or insurance companies. Public funding for Planned Parenthood needs to end!

    AARP has long been a left-leaning policy making and lobbying organization. Their huge membership numbers are due to aggressive direct marketing touting memberships that feature discounts for goods and services in return for a nominal annual fee.

    In reality, AARP is a lucrative conduit to sell insurance (supplemental policies for Medicare A) and have been in this business for quite some time. Although they do not have their own “AARP” insurance, they market insurance products provided by third-party companies but offer better rates gained from their marketing access to millions who trust the AARP name.

    While AARP’s not-for-profit status has long been questioned. Now with Obamacare’s passing and implementation, this left-leaning lobbying giant has a huge conflict of interest on their hands. AARP has long outlived its not-for-profit status. Hearings are needed to explore their status and court challenges should be waged to remove their ability to avoid the same taxes similar operations must pay. And AARP should have to pay back taxes on the significant revenue they’ve earned via their lucrative business ventures.

    It’s time we stop allowing organizations like Planned Parenthood from feeding from the public trough. End public funding and non-profit status for these groups now.

  • New Concerns over Obamacare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance


    Many large companies that provide insurance coverage for their employees as well as organizations such as AARP that offers Medicare Supplemental policies are concerned with provisions within the health care law they apparently previously missed.

    As I have stated before, there are many more people who have not read the bill than have read it.  Add to this the fact that some provisions in the health care bill are nebulous and subject to misinterpretation.

    This appears to be a new concern of outfits such as AARP that offer a Medicare supplemental insurance through United Healthcare. Note that AARP is not in the insurance business and they do not write the policies. Rather, they partner with insurance providers and act as a trusted marketing affiliate to reach their massive audience of members. Up to this point AARP has offered the policies through various insurance providers, without any concern that the provisions were trustworthy and good as gold.
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