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  • Obama wants this country to fail


    Over the past weeks we have witnessed contentious partisan fighting between not only Democrats and Republicans — but rather it has been a triangle pitting Democrats, Republicans and President Obama against each other over the budget. Each has taken their corner and I believe Republicans have eeked out the victory, even if it was a disappointment that only $350 million instead of $63 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. I still stand by the Republicans.

    Bob Englehart, Hartford Courant

    Obama attempted to tear down Paul Ryan’s brilliant and well thought-out plan during a news conference — how tacky is that? The obvious was confirmed. Obama does not want to work anything out and appears set to sink this country! That is why we continue to have unemployment at about 10%. We are saddled with a multi-trillion dollar debt that is multiplying by the minute. And gas prices are moving above $4.00 a gallon with no domestic plans to increase oil production while Obama gives Brazil $2 billion to increase their oil production. Obamacare, which must be totally de-funded, is mushrooming out of control. Unelected Czars surround him and are making public policy.

    The latest demonstration of Obama’s willingness to drive this nation off the cliff is a warning from Standard & Poors that their credit outlook for the US debt has worsened and may lead to a downgrade in our credit rating. Obama has brought us to the abyss.

    I now believe that Obama would like to bankrupt this country before 2012. Then he will feel that his job has been done. As frustrating and frightening as it is to see this downward spiral — at least we have the Republican majority in the House voting through good legislation, even if it they don’t clear the Senate and Obama has nothing to veto. The House Republicans are slowing down Obama’s agenda, and this a positive.

    But more danger is on the horizon. The national debt ceiling will likely be raised, we’ll continue to print more money and rack up more debt by the day. We can only hope that our country can hold out until 2012 and that the Republicans run a strong candidate to stand up to Obama and lead a sweep of Congress. At the NRCC event on 3-30-11 Governor Chris Christie challenged every citizen to stand up and to be a patriot to fight to get our country back on track. It’s time to get in the fight.

  • Post House Vote Rounds (1.21.11)


    With the historic vote in the House of Representatives to repeal Obamacare in the bag, what’s next?

    In the National Review, Charles Krauthammer continues to expose the ridiculous and faulty line that repeal will increase our nation’s debt and suggests the GOP go after President Obama and the Democrats on the costs of the massive new entitlement and their manipulation of the CBO in their bid to defend it.

    Byron York in the Washington Examiner lays out the House GOP’s three-part plan to rid us of Obamacare.

    House Republicans are pursuing a three-part strategy. Part One was repeal; they promised to do it, and they did it. Part Two is replace, which in coming months will involve House votes on a series of GOP health care measures. And Part Three — since full repeal can’t win in the Senate — is another series of votes on measures to repeal individual parts of Obamacare. The net result will be that Republicans gradually push more and more House Democrats — and perhaps some in the Senate — away from an all-or-nothing defense of Obamacare.

    It’s going to be a long fight, and one that will surely run up into the 2012 elections and provide one of the key issues for contests nationwide. Our elected officials need to know they have the support of the people to fully repeal Obamacare before it’s too late.

  • The Rounds (1.19.11)


    The House of Representatives will vote today on repealing Obamacare today. It’s expected to pass, but faces a tougher fight in the Senate and a certain veto if it goes to President Obama.

    President Obama warned against repealing Obamacare, stating that we shouldn’t “go backwards”. He interestingly invokes “freedom” as one of the reasons to keep the law in place. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs doesn’t think the repeal effort is serious.

    The Democrats have their new message in defense of Obamacare: They’ve manipulated the Congressional Budget Office to provide an analysis that claims repeal will result in a $230 billion hole in the budget. The Oklahoman exposes the illogic of this claim, and Diana Furchtgott-Roth of Real Clear Markets goes deeper to explain why this is just plain crazy.

    With such logic, we could cut the deficit by passing a new entitlement program. Indeed, we could solve the whole budget problem by passing new entitlement programs every day of the year.

    On the other major front (other than de-funding Obamacare), The Associated Press reports today that six new states have joined the lawsuit against Obamacare, bringing the total states involved to 26.

    Finally, The Detroit News explores how some of the well-connected can obtain Obamacare waivers if they already offer what’s called “Mini-Med” plans to employees.

    Some of the administration’s closest allies — including 43 unions — were quickly told that they didn’t have to comply with the law. The latest count is that 222 unions and corporations have been granted waivers to portions of the health care law by President Obama’s health secretary. The list includes names like the Service Employees International Union and McDonald’s.

    If Obamacare is the best way forward for everyone, why does President Obama let his allies off the hook while the rest of us struggle to figure out how to comply?

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