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  • Medical Innovation Discouraged Under Obamacare


    I practice home health nursing where I see up to seven patients during an average per day. Recent interactions with patients have alerted me to an alarming trend. Pharmacies — commercial and hospital pharmacies — are in short supply of prescribed medications. Yes, they are running out of important drugs. One patient that I recently admitted after undergoing orthopedic surgery went to a couple of local pharmacies and was told the blood thinner and pain-relieving medications would be ready in two days! This patient runs the risk of a blood clot while having to bear terrible pain.

    I did a little research on line and found this is not a localized problem but appears to be happening across the country. I have found many articles devoted to the lack of funding for bringing new medications and medical devices to market. According to Pfizer, the average cost of bringing a new drug to the market is $2.4 billion. Typically, venture capital is needed to fund the development of new pharmaceuticals and medical devices and get them to the market. And venture capitalists are choosing to place their bets elsewhere and move them away from the health care industry. » Read the rest of the entry..

  • Understanding Advance Directives


    Some of the the uncertainty and fright over the so-called “Death Panels” contained in the Healthcare Legislation appears to have been been smothered, at least for the time being. The so called “Death Panels” as they were termed, were indeed sinister and scary. These “Death Panels” gave one or two people the power to determine what might happen to you as you face a terminal illness. It should not have been this way or even interpreted this way! But then again who knows how to interpret many provisions in Obamacare unless you have read the law at least three times — no small feat at more than 2700 pages!

    Surprisingly, just as the “Death Panels” scare was becoming a Front Page Event, President Obama and his team had second thoughts about this subject, and the “Death Panels” were no longer going to be in the Legislation. All of us have to closely follow this to see that they were permanently removed from the law.
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  • Happy New Year Rounds (1-3-2011)


    The newly-minted GOP majority in the House prepares to push a full repeal of Obamacare, but concedes it faces major hurdles in the Senate. Read it in the Wall Street Journal.

    Byron York states that Obamacare is the legacy mess of Dems in power… and the reason their power didn’t last. Read it here.

    Dr. Marc Siegel explains why Obamacare’s annual “end of life planning” consultations aren’t such a great idea.

    Like many physicians, I talk to my patients about how aggressive they want me to be if and when they are dying. But I don’t see a role for the government incentivizing this kind of planning session on a regular basis except as a way of advancing their own agenda, which clearly is decreasing end-of-life care.

    Read it here in the NY Daily News.

    The Foundry (Heritage Foundation) looks at the effect Obamacare has on Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). The new law restricts how funds in HSAs can be spent, including banning their use for over-the-counter drugs. Read it here. The Washington Post has an article on the new limits on HSAs here.

    One of the big components of Obamacare is the provision that provides insurance access to people already suffering from health conditions. The Washington Post points out that this provision is not seeing the success it promised… or the cost savings.

    …claims for medical care covered by the “high-risk pools” are proving very costly, and it is an open question whether the $5 billion allotted by Congress to start up the plans will be sufficient.

    Read it here.