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  • The GOP Field’s Techtonic Shifts


    I was somewhat discouraged after last weeks realignment of the GOP presidential race as Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump announced they wouldn’t run while Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich continue to hang on in the face of issues that are plaguing them in the polls. A favorite of the inside-the-beltway crowd, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, also bowed out of contention.

    This weeks winner: T-Paw

    The latest group to offer themselves to the GOP this week includes pizza empire mogul Herman Cain, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, and former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China John Huntsman. Cain is an impressive wealthy, self-made figure touting conservative, common-sense values and a solid grasp of free market capitalism. But with Daniels out, the big winner of the week is Pawlenty.

    Tim Pawlenty ‘s speech after his announcement on Monday has taken many by surprise. He came out swinging against the destruction Obama has caused the country and has staked out at least one bold position that holds both risk and reward: Opposition to ethanol subsidies which will win him favor among the base seeking fiscal discipline while posing risks in all-important Iowa.

    Pawlenty was effective in his speech in which he laid out a vision to return our country to the greatness that we all know and love and restore a future for generations to come with a strong economy, healthcare system and exploitation of our domestic energy resources. I give a huge plus to Tim Pawlenty for his powerful and articulate message that effectively included real policy details. We all are ready to see a strong candidate for the GOP, and Pawlenty is making a good case.

    Donald Trump, either serious about wanting to run or not wanting to lose the attention he’s been getting, indicated he may want to re-enter the race. As long as he does not set himself up as a spoiler or simply suck the air out of the room, I say let him campaign on his message of his love for his country and his grasp of our capitalist system.

    Bachmann: Laying the groundwork for a Senate run?

    Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, who is a wonderful person and the creator of the Tea Party Caucus in the Congress, is giving it her “all” as she plans an announcement to join the ranks of the Republican Party presidential hopefuls this week. Bachmann will be a great addition on the campaign trail and she’s a leading force to repeal Obamacare. She’s also a possible contender for the US Senate seat held by Amy Klobacher, and a presidential campaign will be a good training ground for a Senate run.

    On the Chris Christie front — Do Not Count Him Out! It is early and as you have witnessed, players are entering and departing the field at a fast rate. Obama’s detectives are out in Christie territory in New Jersey as we speak seeking to uncover any skeletons in his closet. I predict that he and Paul Ryan (and Pawlenty if he stays on course) can defeat Obama in 2012.

    Victory in 2012 is critical for the survival of our country, our free market system, our liberty and our freedoms. We need strong candidates, and they may be emerging.

  • Down and Out on the GOP Trail


    The 2012 GOP field has shifted considerably in the past few days. Although I was pleased with his connection to the issues facing the GOP, I thought we would get more of the positive side of Newt Gingrich before he “stepped in it” — but after his statements to David Gregory on Sunday’s Meet the Press that Paul Ryan’s Plan for Medicare was “radical engineering from the right” there may be no recovery phase for the former Speaker.  Back circa 2004 Gingrich had created a health care initiative and I spoke with him as he was out promoting it. Both he and his plan seemed to lack focus and I was not impressed with his understanding of the healthcare industry in America. His comments Sunday only reinforce the fact that he doesn’t understand healthcare. Newt’s campaign may be done before it really begins. It’s done with me.

    Mitt Romney has the most cash (he just raised $10 million in one day), the best organization and decent polls — all things pointing to a campaign that’s in really good shape. That was until he doubled down last week on his signature law from his stint as governor of Massachusetts, Romneycare, the blueprint for Obamacare. Rather than admit the state-wide universal healthcare mandate has become a costly failure pockmarked by growing wait lists for care, he said he’d do it all over again. He won’t be able to square his defense of Romneycare when Obamacare ranks as one of the biggest objections to Obama by the American public. I believe Romney will have to exit the field as he faces an increasing backlash from GOP primary base on his seemingly irreconcilable healthcare positions.

    Donald Trump yesterday announced that he will not run for the Presidency because he has more passion for “business”.  Is it not ironic that NBC made a deal with him that he could not refuse (and may have threatened to replace him with a new business leader at the helm of Celebrity Apprentice).

    Mike Huckabee was in a good position to continue harnessing the strong support that he enjoyed during the 2008  presidential campaign. Some early straw polls placed him in the lead. Instead, his “heart says no” to another run. This isn’t surprising, as he was doing little to prepare and many surmised that he is having a great time and making money for the first time with his popular show on Fox News.

    Now we have a very open field and it’s anyone’s guess as to who will break out of the pack. Will safer, more conventional candidates like Gov. Mitch Daniels or Gov Tim Pawlenty fit the bill? Or will we have the opportunity to support two of my favorites: Congressman Paul Ryan and Governor Chris Christie? Will a draft movement get them in the game? I certainly hope so. After all, we must beat Obama in 2012!

    Update 5/22: Mitch Daniels is also out.

  • The 2012 Race: Enter Newt


    Newt Gingrich announced today via Twitter and Facebook that he is going to run for the GOP nod in 2012. The timing of the announcement is excellent as numerous GOP contenders have been given a once-over, including the South Caroline debate. Two potential candidates who did not participate in that debate still have my attention: Donald Trump and Chris Christie.

    Newt Gingrich enters the 2012 fray

    Trump, although still unsure if he is going to run, is getting the correct message out about how our country faces extreme challenges and going down the tubes fast as the gasoline prices soar and the economy bottoms out due to the increasing and burdgeoning debt. Trump continues to enjoy very high polling numbers as the other contenders are wavering to stay in the double digits.

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a long time favorite of the GOP and was asked again this week if he would run for the GOP nomination. Flattered, his answer was yet again “no”. If no clear frontrunner emerges that captures the energy of the base, the pressure on Christie to change his mind will remain.

    So today former Speaker Newt Gingrich enters the stage. Like looking at a chess board, Newt knows where all the candidates stand in the polls and he knows enough about each one of them to create his own successful niche in this race. Newt is a very smart man, a seasoned politician, and has a deep sense of commitment to reversing the decaying status of this country. I say Go for it Newt! Should you get the nod, I very much looking forward to your debates with Obama.

  • Donald Trump’s Opportunity


    The controversy over President Obama’s birth certificate and his eligibility for the office has been simmering for three years. It took Donald Trump a mere month to force Obama’s hand and compel him to make the document public. His effectiveness in driving this issue to conclusion has put him among the leading contenders for the GOP nod in 2012. And he did it his way.

    It is now up to Trump to capitalize on this victory and focus his attention on the critical issues our nation faces: A multiplying national debt; a health care system in peril; soaring prices at the pump; turmoil in the Middle East; a nation losing it’s standing in the world. Americans increasingly felt that George Bush was was the villian two years ago because of missteps in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economic meltdown. Under Obama’s direction, Afghanistan is moving in the wrong direction, we’ve lost our leadership in the Middle East, and the economy continues to deteriorate.

    This is Trump’s opportunity. If he can focus his attention and apply his approach to addressing our nation’s ills (he often states our country is in the worst shape it’s ever been) as he did with the birth certificate issue, he can do what no current GOP contender has been able to to: Go on offense and force Obama off of his game.

    Will Trump’s poll numbers get another boost if he redirects the energy he spent on the birther issue towards our debt, energy and foreign policy woes? It’s his opportunity to seize.

  • Will the GOP Hire Trump?


    I have been holding off any mention of Donald Trump as a candidate for the Presidency in 2012.

    It is worth mentioning that I personally believe that a populist such as Trump is just what the country needs. He is straightforward, he has money, he has solutions to our nation’s problems, and he is not afraid to say that the country needs to be fixed and fixed now.

    The Donald

    Trump is showing well in the polls. That is a good thing for him and for Republicans — that is if he runs as a Republican. Now that he has the poll numbers, he knows that enough people like what he says and feel that he would be effective as a leader of the free world. However, he recently made comments that reeks of a demand that he be the GOP nominee in 2012. A nomination is not an entitlement, but rather a process of campaigning, winning primaries, and the convention. He has alluded to the idea that if he is not automatically nominated, he will run as a third party candidate. We have seen spoilers like this before, including Perot in 1992.

    The White House and David Plouffe are having a heyday watching Trump distract public attention from the recent disasters of the failing Obama presidency. According to the White House, Trump is not to be taken seriously (but they hope America will keep taking him seriously for as long as possible).

    Trumps’ own doing it may be his undoing. He needs to make a commitment to the Republican party now and stop toying with ideas of an independent run.

    If Trump decides to run for a third Party, we need to have a serious candidate like Governor Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan to step up to the plate. The Nomination for the GOP in 2012 has to be focused, commited, and powerful to beat Obama — it may be the only chance that we have.