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  • Rep. Ryan’s Path to Prosperity 2012


    Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has once again vaulted himself into the spotlight by getting real about fixing our nation’s fiscal mess. The chart here displays two choices: The GOP’s fiscally responsible Path to Prosperity or our current path leading us off a fiscal cliff.

    This plan is the first major step towards stopping the insane spending spree our government has been on for the past two years.

    I urge you to read the report yourself. Don’t accept media substitutes or the typical left wing demagoguery.

    Read it here.

    Image Source: The House of Representatives Committee on the Budget

  • Post House Vote Rounds (1.21.11)


    With the historic vote in the House of Representatives to repeal Obamacare in the bag, what’s next?

    In the National Review, Charles Krauthammer continues to expose the ridiculous and faulty line that repeal will increase our nation’s debt and suggests the GOP go after President Obama and the Democrats on the costs of the massive new entitlement and their manipulation of the CBO in their bid to defend it.

    Byron York in the Washington Examiner lays out the House GOP’s three-part plan to rid us of Obamacare.

    House Republicans are pursuing a three-part strategy. Part One was repeal; they promised to do it, and they did it. Part Two is replace, which in coming months will involve House votes on a series of GOP health care measures. And Part Three — since full repeal can’t win in the Senate — is another series of votes on measures to repeal individual parts of Obamacare. The net result will be that Republicans gradually push more and more House Democrats — and perhaps some in the Senate — away from an all-or-nothing defense of Obamacare.

    It’s going to be a long fight, and one that will surely run up into the 2012 elections and provide one of the key issues for contests nationwide. Our elected officials need to know they have the support of the people to fully repeal Obamacare before it’s too late.

  • Why the Tax Deal is a Victory


    The deal that President Obama has worked out to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for another two years is a clear victory for Congressional Republicans and, more importantly, small businesses and the American people. I wrote last week that I’m very encouraged by the moves the new GOP leadership has taken, and I once again commend them for their ability to work with President Obama to extend the tax cuts.

    It’s a marvel that this achievement occurred during a lame duck session before the GOP officially takes over in the House of Representatives and it’s a testament to the mandate they received in November. While I prefer the tax cuts to become permanent, that would certainly garner a veto. As a small business owner, a two-year extension is most welcome. Expiration would only exacerbate the negative impacts we’re already beginning to experience with the implementation of ObamaCare. » Read the rest of the entry..