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  • The Health Reform Law: The Swindle of our Lifetime


    The day that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was made available on the Internet, I began reading it. I figured that since I am so involved with my career as a Registered Nurse and health care industry entrepreneur, I needed to see for myself what was really in it. I read for hours, re-reading many paragraphs due to verbiage was difficult to understand. I found the opposite to be true in other areas with passages so compelling that it was hard to stop reading. Much to my surprise, it was these areas that had absolutely nothing to do with “health care”.

    I have read the entire bill two more times — start to finish.  My general conclusion is that this bill is the swindle of our lifetime. I was astounded to see the hit that small businesses like my own will take. Insurance premiums were undoubtedly going to increase and capital gains taxes would go up an additional 3.8 %. Expenditures of $600 or more would require a W-9, adding the burden of hiring someone to administer this new paperwork. The taxation measures aimed at small businesses are so frightening that I began to reconsider my hiring plans and explored the very dark possibility that my small business would not survive another two years.  My business at this writing is growing and is profitable but this law leaves its future uncertain.
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  • Welcome to Hanas on Health!


    Welcome to Hanas on Health!  I am excited to be writing about America’s health care policies and the changes that we have recently encountered with “Healthcare Reform”.  I have been a practicing Registered Nurse for several years and a successful entrepreneur in the health care industry, I have begun to feel the adverse affects recent health reform measures are having on our  current health care system.

    Hanas on Health is my place to share my experiences with the implementation of this reform and why I am advocating that it be repealed. I will be exploring in depth how these reforms are affecting small businesses, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals and homeowners. In detail. I will also touch on various efforts to repeal and defund Obamacare, as well as new reform proposals by elected officials such as Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposals on entitlement reform.

    Stay tuned and welcome to the trenches of America’s health care policy!