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  • The Home Health Care Trend


    Home health care is trending in America as the most therapeutic and reasonable approach to stay in your home as long as you are able to while facing health challenges. I am an entrepreneur in the field of home health care. Seniors and people recovering from surgery can receive health care and companion services in their home. The payor is typically private coverage or private pay as Medicare does not pay for home health care services. When an individual chooses to stay in their home it is typically a decision they can make alone or with the help of a family member or attorney.

    There are many benefits to home health care. There is no place like home for comfort and privacy, and you do not run the risk of the spread of infections. You can receive transportation sevices and medication reminders and caregivers can run errands, shop for groceries, do light housekeeping  and prepare home-cooked meals. Home health care plans are customized to meet your needs. In a nursing home facility, the caregiver normally takes care of 15 patients. In your home you have a one-on-one caregiver.

    You have the choice of a caregiver that:

    • is a licensed Certified Nursing Assisitant
    • is bonded and insured
    • has undergone criminal background checks
    • has no active tuberculosis
    • is trained in aseptic techniques.

    You can also choose the number of hours that you wish to hire a caregiver. If the caregiver does not suit your needs-the caregiver can be replaced with another.

    In Ohio, Virginia, Maryland and many other states the laws regulating this industry are strictly enforced. Licensure is required and a Home Health Agency has policies and procedures that are followed by all employees to ensure compliance.

    If you or someone you love needs consistent health care attention and may have difficulty getting out and about, do consider home health care. I’m proud of the work I do to provide better health and quality of life for my clients.

  • The New Entitlement and the Future of Medicare


    I am a practicing Home Health Nurse. Nearly every day patients ask me what I think is going to happen to Medicare. Many of my patients are over 65. I also have a cadre of doctors and nurses I communicate with on a regular basis, and they too ask my opinion on the future of Medicare. Many of my MD friends have already made their decisions about Medicare and have begun to scale back on treating Medicare patients because they cannot financially sustain their practices in the face of current reimbursement levels. And they know that further cuts in reimbursement rates are around the corner.

    Medicare is in trouble. Most of us are aware of that. How can an already struggling entitlement withstand pending flood of baby boomers that threatens to swamp the Medicare system over the next 10-15 years. It has been calculated that Medicare Parts A & B will run out of money.

    Now lets look at Obamacare — or The Patient Protection and Affordable Act (PPACA) as it’s officially (and ironically) called. I have read this bill three times, and I draw attention to two areas: Fund transfers and minimum standards for coverage. Passed last March, Obamacare sets a minimum standard for health care coverage and creates a mandate for most US residents to obtain health insurance. This provision is currently being challenged by many states and cannot get to the Supreme Court quickly enough to have it overturned and deemed unconstitutional.

    The provision is based on the assumption that everyone needs to be insured. This is where the fund transfers will kick in. By 2014 the PPACA and its amendments provides for the establishment of “Insurance Exchanges” through which individuals and families that otherwise can not afford insurance premiunms will be able to receive Federal subsidies to reduce the cost of purchasing the insurance coverage. Thus, a new entitlement has been created. Or you can think of it as simply a massive expansion of Medicaid.

    Where will the major transfer of funds come from to pay for what I call “The Third Entilement”?  The new entitlement expands the eligibility of Medicaid by amending Medicare ‘s Part A and Part  B to reduce the growth of spending. In a nutshell, transfers of funds from Medicare Part A & B will be used to fund new and existing grant programs. This will wipe out Medicare.

    If you need more reasons to support the repeal of Obamacare, check out “Ten Reasons to Repeal Obamacare“.

    Cartoon Credit: Lloyd Marcus

  • Obamacare To Hit Home Health Care Next


    The Associated Press reported today that Medicare recipients are facing at sizable new out-of-pocket expense for home health care services. This is just the latest aspect of health care to take a hit under Obamacare.

    The suggestion among staffers of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission is that the out-of-pocket fee for recipients is $150 per visit. As a home health care practitioner, I can tell you that this will have a major impact on many recipients who will be forced to forgo such care. It is unrealistic for many to travel to receive this care, and they will therefore have to go without any.

    The Obamacare nightmare rolls on.