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  • Medical Innovation Discouraged Under Obamacare


    I practice home health nursing where I see up to seven patients during an average per day. Recent interactions with patients have alerted me to an alarming trend. Pharmacies — commercial and hospital pharmacies — are in short supply of prescribed medications. Yes, they are running out of important drugs. One patient that I recently admitted after undergoing orthopedic surgery went to a couple of local pharmacies and was told the blood thinner and pain-relieving medications would be ready in two days! This patient runs the risk of a blood clot while having to bear terrible pain.

    I did a little research on line and found this is not a localized problem but appears to be happening across the country. I have found many articles devoted to the lack of funding for bringing new medications and medical devices to market. According to Pfizer, the average cost of bringing a new drug to the market is $2.4 billion. Typically, venture capital is needed to fund the development of new pharmaceuticals and medical devices and get them to the market. And venture capitalists are choosing to place their bets elsewhere and move them away from the health care industry. » Read the rest of the entry..

  • 10 Reasons to Repeal Obamacare


    I have been writing here for quite a while about why Obamacare must be repealed. My vantage point as a Registered Nurse and a successful business-owner in the health care space have provided me with ample evidence that this law is tearing apart our healthcare system from the inside out.

    While my profession may give me a unique perspective on Obamacare, none of us are mere bystanders. We are all affected by this monstrosity. As parents. As children. As employers and employees. As friends. And as patients.

    I have put together my top ten reasons Obamacare must be repealed. I’m leaving issues around the Constitutionality of the individual mandate to the lawyers, whom I wish well in their effort to strike this monstrosity down. I welcome you to add additional reasons in the comments. Congress must hear all of your voices to give them the support they need to do the right thing.

    Without further adieu, here are my top ten reasons Obamacare must be repealed:

    1. The 1099 Rule Targets Small Businesses. Like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, I am a successful small business owner. Obamacare requires us to file a 1099 tax form for any business purchase over $600. This significant paperwork burden falls on small businesses just as many are struggling to survive the Great Recession. All so we can help “fund Obamacare.”
    2. Skyrocketing Premiums. The insurance premiums I pay to cover my employees are increasing at well over 80%. Like the 1099 Rule, this is another way Obamacare targets small businesses. These exploding premiums are a not-so-veiled effort to get employers to drop employee health benefits and force them into the government-run insurance. I’m proud to provide my employees with these benefits and I’m appalled that the federal government is squeezing me and other small business owners this way in order to fill the ranks of public-run insurance.
    3. Seniors Get Squeezed. Many of my clients are seniors who rely on Medicare, which was already facing cuts prior to the adoption of Obamacare. They will be hit again under Obamacare. Now Medicare faces even more cuts under the new law while the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) is proposing a new entitlement insurance program for the “uninsured”. Some that may qualify for a “free ride”.
    4. Legal Abuse Left Untouched. Why have health care costs been shooting through the roof over the past 20 years? A key driver is abuse of the legal system through malpractice lawsuits. Frivolous claims and outrageous awards have sent malpractice insurance premiums every doctor must pay into the stratosphere. Democrats in Congress and President Obama failed to address this obvious cost driver in Obamacare because trial lawyers are among their biggest contributors.
    5. Doctors are Being Squeezed. Medicare keeps slashing the rate that medical doctors are reimbursed for the care they provide —  currently about 25% less than market rates. Doctors had already begun declining to take on new Medicare patients because they can’t continue to absorb the costs. Obamacare will continue to slash these reimbursement rates, further limiting the ability for seniors to find a doctor to treat them. Access will certainly be limited.
    6. Hidden Taxes will Kill Small Businesses. Obamacare is extremely complex, and we’re just beginning to fully understand the details of its implementation. Over the next two years hidden taxes contained within Obamacare will hit many small businesses hard and drive many others under! Where will these tax revenues go? To pay for Obamacare, of course! Whether you deserve it or not! Spread the wealth.
    7. Research and Development Takes a Hit. Medical device and pharmaceutical companies take huge risks every year to develop the innovative products and medicines that improve and extend the lives of millions of Americans. Obamacare allows politicians to dictate what medical products and treatments should cost, setting up a situation where companies cannot recoup their development costs and will not have the resources to continue taking such risks.
    8. Cancer Treatments Rationed. Under Obamacare, many cancer-treating medications will be rationed and may not be available at all. It’s already begun. Let’s hope you can continue to afford private insurance or maintain your treatments under Medicare.
    9. Obamacare is a Job-Killer. How are entrepreneurs and small business owners going to swing all of the new taxes and regulatory burdens imposed on them and pay the high costs of health insurance? It will be more difficult to bring on the types of skilled employees that I need for my business. It will place a strain on my ability to continue providing the premier private and skilled services that I am now able to provide. Just when we need more jobs, Obamacare goes for the kill.
    10. Obamacare is a Business-Killer. Obamacare will cut me off at my knees. In 2013 I will likely need to sell real estate to generate capital to reinvest in my business. I need to hire more employees and treat more patients at home that need personal care, skilled nursing and physical therapy. But wait a minute! Under Obamacare I now face an additional tax on the capital gains from real estate sales. Now after all of the hard work to save, buy, maintain and hope to gain some equity in real estate, I must to fork over another 3.8% to fund Obamacare and not my business! Obamacare will kill businesses.

    It may not matter. In 2013, I may not be in business at all because of Obamacare!

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  • Omissions and Gag Orders Needed to Pass ObamaCare


    It’s becoming clear just how far President Obama and Congressional Democrats were willing to go to brush aside usual Congressional oversight and protocols to ram ObamaCare through. In the now-infamous words of Speaker Pelosi: “Pass health reform so you can find out what’s in it.”

    Now we not only know what’s in it, but it’s becoming clear what steps were skipped in passing it. Steps that would have demonstrated that ObamaCare will not control costs as promised.

    Congressional process and oversight were brushed aside during the push for health care reform, as exemplified by the “hearing that never happened”. What hearing? The one where Richard Foster, Chief Actuary for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) testifies about his conclusion that ObamaCare will not control rising costs of Medicare and Medicaid.
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