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  • Rep. Ryan’s Path to Prosperity 2012


    Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has once again vaulted himself into the spotlight by getting real about fixing our nation’s fiscal mess. The chart here displays two choices: The GOP’s fiscally responsible Path to Prosperity or our current path leading us off a fiscal cliff.

    This plan is the first major step towards stopping the insane spending spree our government has been on for the past two years.

    I urge you to read the report yourself. Don’t accept media substitutes or the typical left wing demagoguery.

    Read it here.

    Image Source: The House of Representatives Committee on the Budget

  • The Rounds: Rep. Ryan Keeps Busy


    Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been busy putting forth detailed proposals, including his Roadmap for America’s Future [pdf] for tackling our nation’s daunting budget and debt challenges, and he garners more coverage today.

    On Charlie Rose, Rep. Ryan discusses how our nation must deal with health care to “Preemt Debt Crisis”. A shorter clip is up on RealClearPolitics with transcripts.

    Elsewhere, Rep. Ryan has teamed up with economist and former Clinton administration budget director Alice Rivlin to propose the “Ryan-Rivlin” plan, which builds off of Ryan’s Roadmap and aims to tackle the looming budget busting problems with Medicare and Medicaid. James Capretta has a post up about the plan at the Foundry (Heritage Foundation).

    “Of the GAO’s unfunded liability figure, which is a $76 trillion figure, almost all of that is health care. You cannot preempt a debt crisis, get this fiscal house in order without dealing with health care, and I do not believe that this health care law does that.”

    – Rep. Paul Ryan